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Zuleyma recycling plastic bottles
Zuleyma’s Plan

Women and girls in El Salvador are fighting for change and learning how to better protect their environment from flooding through education.

Useaking’s Plan

Our LEAP (Lifting Healthy, Empowered and Protected Girls and Women) programme in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh helps prevent early and forced marriage by educating young women and girls about their rights and available health services.

Natsumi’s Plan

Natsumi can talk openly about subjects that many adults – never mind her teenage friends – shy away from. Contraception methods, gender-based violence, reproductive rights and sexually transmitted diseases are topics this 16-year-old regularly discusses with ease.

Ayisha’s Plan

In Tamale, the capital of northern Ghana, passersby often stop to marvel at a crew of 10 tile layers laughing and trading quips at a local construction site. It’s not something they see every day. Why? Because six of the crew members are women. Our PASEWAY programme is providing vital business training to women and girls in Ghana, helping them develop skills and create job opportunities.

Alana’s Plan

In Brazil, the Cambalhotas project is teaching girls how to protect themselves from violence. Working with children like 12-year-old Alana, we help them learn about their bodies, different forms of abuse and how they can seek help.

Vietnam: Geschlechterungleichheiten überbrücken

Überschwemmungen haben unverhältnismässig starke Auswirkungen auf Frauen und Mädchen, die stärker von Gesundheitsrisiken, gestörten Lebensgrundlagen und Bildungsproblemen betroffen sind. Als Mitglied der

Die Sicherheit der humanitären Helfer:innen muss garantiert werden, um die «kolossale» Aufstockung der Hilfe für Gaza zu unterstützen

Gaza, 5 April 2024 – Eine «kolossale» Aufstockung der humanitären Hilfe für den Gazastreifen ist sofort erforderlich, um das unnötige Sterben von Kindern zu verhindern, ihre Würde wiederherzustellen und ...

Eunice & Kumba’s Plan

In Sierra Leone, Plan International is supporting young women to become qualified teachers. Eunice and Kumba took part in the four-year training programme, receiving stipends and mentorship to support their success and remove financial barriers.

Teresa’s Plan

In Timor Leste, girls and young women are developing their skills, accessing leadership opportunities, and protecting the environment to secure their communities from climate change.

Bridging the gender gap in Vietnam

Flooding has a disproportionate impact on women and girls, who are more vulnerable to health risks, disrupted livelihoods, and educational challenges. As a member of the Zurich ...