The World Economic Forum estimates there will be 131 years until gender equality in the world for girls. We say that’s far too long.

That’s why we’re on a mission to ⏰ BEAT THE CLOCK.

And we need you; we need all of you; to come together and play your part in helping us.

To learn, to take action, to donate, advocate, champion, speak up and speak out.

✊ To stand together with girls everywhere to help them fight for their rights. To fight until we are all equal.



Let us introduce you to some of the tireless girls and young women innovating, advocating and taking action to make gender inequality a thing of the past. 

This is their plan to beat the clock:

Teresa’s Plan

In Timor Leste, girls and young women are developing their skills, accessing leadership opportunities, and protecting the environment to secure their communities from climate change. This is Teresa's plan:

1. Strengthen girls’ adaptability to climate change
2. Build financial knowledge, encourage saving and reinvestment
3. Reduce youth poverty

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Eunice & Kumba’s Plan

In Sierra Leone, Plan International is supporting young women to become qualified teachers. Eunice and Kumba took part in the four-year training programme, receiving stipends and mentorship to support their success and remove financial barriers. This is their plan:

1. Become school teachers.
2. Be a role model for young girls.
3. Change what is expected of girls and women.

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Alana’s Plan

In Brazil, the Cambalhotas project is teaching girls how to protect themselves from violence. Working with children like 12-year-old Alana, we help them learn about their bodies, different forms of abuse and how they can seek help. This is Alana's plan to beat the clock:

1. Learn about girls’ rights and gender equality
2. Lead the change in her community
3. Become an entrepreneur and write a book

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Ayisha’s Plan

In Ghana, the PASEWAY programme is providing vital business training to women and girls, helping them develop skills and create job opportunities

Ayisha had never seen a female tiler before she decided to register for our programme. Although some people tried to dissuade her, she followed her plan to beat the clock:

1. Learn a trade

2. Start a business

3. Pay it forward

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Natsumi’s Plan

The We Decide programme in Peru educates women and girls about their sexual and reproductive health and rights to help prevent teen pregnancy. In the region where Natsumi lives, the rate of teenage pregnancies is one of the highest in the country. Here's how she wants to change this:

1. Learn about her sexual and reproductive rights.

2. Share that information with other teens

3. Advocate for adolescent-friendly health services.

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Useaking’s Plan

Our LEAP programme in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh helps prevent early and forced marriage by educating young women and girls about their rights and available health services. Useaking's life changed when she got her period. Her knowledge about menstruation came from myths and taboos, resulting in her staying at home for days during her period, which affected her education. She married at 15 and had her first child at 16. Now she wants to share her knowledge with any girl who would listen. Her plan:

1. Advocate to end early and forced marriage.

2. Educate girls about their rights.

3. Create a better future for her daughter.

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Zuleyma’s Plan

Women and girls in El Salvador are fighting for change and learning how to better protect their environment from flooding through education. Zuleyma’s community is especially susceptible to flooding, as it sits next to an estuary. This is her plan to keep her community strong:

1. Identify an environmental culprit in her community

2. Figure out how to stop it at the source

3. Mobilise others to join the fight

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What will you do to help us to Beat The Clock?