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Frau Anna Alder

Partnership Coordinator (Deutsch, Englisch)

Gaza-Israel: people in neighbouring countries also need support

Since the escalation of violence in Gaza and Israel on 7 October, thousands have been killed, including children and infants, and many more have been wounded.This crisis is also affecting people in Lebanon. More than 46,000* persons have been internally displaced since the beginning of the crisis. These displaced people often lack resources to support themselves. They are exposed to physical and psychological traumas. It is our collective responsibility to do everything in our power to mitigate additional harm to innocent lives.

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*Source: OCHA, 14 November 2023
The official figure might not capture the true extent of the displacement crisis. Many individuals have not registered themselves, suggesting that the actual number of internally displaced persons could be significantly higher than the reported figure.

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Since the escalation of violence in Gaza and Israel, cross-border tensions between Lebanon and Israel are increasing, with rockets, missiles and infiltrations being fired daily. The escalation of hostilities in Lebanon will have a dramatic impact across diversion civilian populations in the country, more than half of whom already depend on humanitarian assistance for food and basic needs.

The worsening security situation has forced many residents in targeted regions to flee their homes, being afraid of a potential war breaking out. Plan International’s response aims to provide essential support for children and their families affected by crisis to meet their critical needs. With our general response, we are focusing on the provision of food and non-food items, hygiene, menstrual hygiene management (MHM) & baby kits as well as protection and psychosocial protection.

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Plan International condemns the ongoing killing of thousands of innocent civilians.

We continue to demand a complete and unconditional ceasefire, immediately.

All donations received that exceed the needs of a specific emergency situation will be held in reserve to respond to future humanitarian emergencies. We thank you for your generosity.